Give your children the learning tools they need to succeed in the modern world

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Re-imagining the Education Experience

Adaptive learning based on proven education methodology and delivered on the web, tablets, and mobile phones.

Two students standing in front of an eraser board with mathematics equations

Your children deserve better learning tools than most schools give them today. Traditional education methods treat all students the same, but as parents and educators we know that every child has their own unique learning capabilities and needs.

GrowMindGrow’s proprietary Adaptive Learning Interface (ALI) automatically adjusts teaching to optimize interaction with the learner and deliver customized resources and learning activities that address their unique needs.

Join the GrowMindGrow platform and watch their grades and development benefit from a tailored learning experience.

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Give your child the best tools to learn

Make learning an activity that your child loves!

A boy and his mother sitting at a computer to learn together with online learning tools

It’s only natural that you want the best for your children. Recent research in education and cognitive development shows how critical early learning can be.

Whether it’s in preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school, GrowMindGrow is there to work side by side with your child to help them get a head start in their development. By improving their learning outcomes now, you’ll be paving the way for their future success.

Our platform provides cutting edge learning tools that go way beyond simple worksheets and standard lesson plans. GrowMindGrow was built by parents like you who need a better solution and want to go beyond.

Children working on tablets in a school setting

Fun and engaging games = easy learning

It doesn’t take a genius to know that children learn better when they’re having fun.

Students writing in notebooks at their classroom desk

Any student with the basic aptitude and who is encouraged to have the right motivation and commitment can become a good learner.

Improving learning outcomes is as simple as keeping your child engaged with creative and interactive games. Children are hard-wired to play. With the right learning environment they enjoy the time they spend building critical thinking skills and absorbing knowledge and don’t feel like they’re studying.

Each of our educational games is tailored to a specific age group to keep children excited about learning.

The gamification of learning also introduces elements of team-based challenges which help motivate the student to perform at a higher level.

Want to try the games out yourself? Play a sample of them below!

Comprehensive Curriculum

GrowMindGrow is a full spectrum platform covering a comprehensive set of learning topics and skills that most other sites don’t have.

Boy sitting in a classroom working on an assignment in his notebook

Our lessons go way beyond math and reading. A well-rounded education includes knowledge and skills in science, biology, social studies, time and money, geography, and more.

GrowMindGrow aligns with national common core curriculum standards, but also teaches a wide variety of important knowledge to help form well-rounded individuals.




Access to a sample set of lessons and metrics - always free.



Access to a sample set of lessons and metrics - always free.



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