Child Site

Keep your children excited about learning and coming back for more everyday.

The magic of the child’s experience on GrowMindGrow is seamlessly weaving together a rich collection of insight-creating educational games with a captivating and imaginative adventure that motivates children to keep coming back for more.

The educational games are a diverse collection of games targeted at specific developmental skills. Together they form a comprehensive curriculum for the child to progress through. GrowMindGrow’s adaptive learning interface (ALI) shepherds the child through their education experience by presenting games at a pace that’s optimal for their learning.

The adventure game OrbUp is your child’s companion throughout the process of learning and offers up puzzle solving opportunities of its own. Playing OrbUp encourages their sense of wonderment and curiosity, compassion, and self direction.

In between the educational games, children are drawn into a magical world where they lead their character on an unforgettable adventure. OrbUp teaches children puzzle solving, persistence, and even how to navigate on a map. By opening up their imagination, children are eager to learn and explore this colorful world further.