Parent Site

Effortlessly track your child’s grades and learning

The parent site is your hub for staying in tune with your children’s day to day activities and achievements. It brings to your fingertips an array of tools to help you understand how well your child is performing compared to their peers.

You can choose to actively guide your child towards specific goals or simply sit back, relax, and let the rich collection of educational tools on GrowMindGrow do the rest!


Your entry point to the parent site, the Newsfeed is where you can find a streaming list of updates most relevant to you.


Easily monitor a summarized view of everything you need to know about your children’s progress towards their academic goals.



Browse our exhaustive list of interactive educational games. You can even try them! If you want more control over what your children focus on, it’s simple to create and assign playlists.



Access information about your membership, add, edit, or link child accounts, change your password or billing method, and perform various other account management tasks.